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We uncomplicate and simplify merchant processing, fraud protection, business, marketing and financial consulting.

10% of all profits will be donated
to help children in impoverished nations receive an education

Mission Statement

To inspire the consciousness that we depend on one another to grow our businesses, our people, and our environment, while creating a workspace everyone feels proud to be part of. We believe in giving. Hence, 10% of all profits will be donated to help children in impoverished nations receive an education, lifesaving medical assistance, eye glasses and clean, running water. We believe in the principle to leave the earth a better place than when we arrived by contributing to our future - one child at a time.

To seek to create a just, corporate environment, while exercising our responsibility to our stock holders, our valuable employees, contributors, partners, and the industry as a whole.

To demonstrate our vision of raising the consciousness of humanity through actions inspired by the lives of our very own Golden Eagle President, Nicholas Paladino, and Lukas Swid, our CEO.

This vision of creating a company culture embodying strong principles of trust, love, loyalty, hard work, compassion, employee profit sharing and a staunch commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and fair prices, is how Golden Eagle has earned a leading position in the merchant processing industry.

Nicholas Paladino,

Nick Paladino has a strong background with over 10 years of successful business development and sales experience in diverse industries. He brings with him a remarkable track record of generating growth in every capacity he has ever held, including sales executive, sales manager, business development manager, vice president of sales, and now president of Golden Eagle Payments.

Nick’s most notable strengths include sales management, new product development, business and sales strategies, problem-solving and project management.

Nick’s core mission is to create a positive company culture where every member of his team grows with the company in every capacity – professionally, financially, and as individuals.

He supports, believes in and is committed to driving and implementing the company’s charity mission, which he co-sponsors.

Lukas Westiclenio,
Chief Executive Officer

Lukas is a philanthropist, investor and entrepreneur. He has 25 years of global executive management experience and has managed multiple organizations in various continents. He is responsible for corporate strategies, executive team management, legal, human resources, finance and corporate objectives.

He has managed businesses in over 40 countries, including the founding of entities in the most complex economies in the world – i.e. China and India.

His major strengths include intimate knowledge and experience in global economics, business law, geo-political environments, national security, multi-cultural team management, global business strategies, and the intricacies of government interaction – both foreign and domestic.

Lukas’ main mission is to continue to grow Golden Eagle Payments, as well as the company’s most valuable assets – its team members. He is very passionate about executing the company’s social responsibility objectives, including the support for humanitarian causes such as providing eye glasses, shoes and clean, running water for children in impoverished nations in Africa and throughout Latin America.

Multiple High-Risk Merchant Categories served

If you have been declined due to your business being in a high-risk merchant category, contact Golden Eagle Payments for fast approvals.

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